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seeds of salvation

Yoga is the philosophy and practice of union.


Through educational media, events and service projects, we unite with oppressed peoples to learn how to positively cope with and heal the stress and harm in our inner, natural, built and social environments.


As we study and practice principles and techniques to care for ourselves, our communities and our planet, body, mind and spirit unite, and peace blossoms from within.

It's this sense of inner peace that plants a seed of collective power that roots our movements in resilience, resistance and reclamation and energizes our work for racial, gender, economic and environmental justice.

kendra graves

is a mother, educator, earthworker and yogi who's been studying and practicing yoga for more than 15 years.

Much of Kendra's work is influenced by biomimicry, Black feminism and Buddhism, and uses media arts and healing arts to catalyze cultural celebration and create systems change.

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