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Svadhyaya, or self-study, is one of the eight limbs of yoga, a guiding yogic principle that encourages us to study sacred texts and thoughtfully observe the evolution of our bodies, minds and spirits as we use yoga as a catalyst for self-transformation and self-actualization.

Our online yoga studies offer the opportunity to explore the energy and elements of our inner environments.


Moksha means liberation in the yogic language of sanskrit. Let us water your inbox with insights, information and inspiration to ground and grow your sadhana (spiritual practice) and set your soul free.

Each month centers on a theme that emboldens us to cultivate a deeper understanding of yoga philosophy, empowers us to exercise our mind/bodies, and encourages us to embrace and express the peace and power within.

Receive one email every Sunday containing 7 days of practice encouragement and education that includes:

  • Posture instructions & sequences

  • Deep breathing techniques

  • Guided meditations

  • Suggested rituals

  • Audio/Visual media

  • Spiritual readings

  • Writing activities

Though our personal practice is truly priceless, investing in our practice demonstrates a commitment to our values and an intention to improve our self-worth to increase our spiritual wealth and abundance.



Prepare the fertile ground of your soul to grow with a personalized yoga practice video or audio recording. Work with a certified yoga instructor to co-create a unique, 30 minute tutorial with  guidance in using mind/body movement, mindfulness and relaxation to realize your health and wellness goals.


Recordings include: 

  • One 30-minute consultation to find your focus & shape your sequence

  • Thoughtful integration of wisdom traditions with embodied learning

  • Succinct sections that make it easy to practice when you're short on time

  • High-quality images and audio delivered in a clear voice & calm tone

  • Step-by-step instructions ideal for beginners & experienced practitioners


Gain easy access to a private yoga session at any time. Equip yourself with a unique digital tool to establish a deep-rooted practice that beckons your spirit to branch out.



From the heart to the head to the hand, writing can help us discover words of wisdom buried deep within. Unearth the roots of pain, fear, disillusionment, despair, anger, guilt and shame. Creatively express emotions and explore life's most transformative experiences. Compose affirmations and mantras,  poems, essays, intentions, letters and more using essential yogic concepts and customs as our guide.

As we allow our own words to enlighten us, we seed a new story, shift our personal narratives and grow our souls.

This five module course includes writing assignments, excerpts from sacred texts and spiritual literature, and embodiment practices to ground and center your energy as you explore and express emotions and honor your imagination and ideas. Read about the modules here.


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