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chant down babylon: yoga mantras for movement building

Updated: Nov 23, 2017

Our movement to liberate ourselves from oppression requires regular practice of righteous rituals that connect us with the Divine, the Ultimate Liberator.

Practicing mantra repetition in modern times returns us to the spiritual principles of ancient cultures and communities that use the power of thoughts, words and sounds to transform both our their inner and outer worlds.

Mantras are sacred prayers or affirmations that cleanse and empower our minds, bodies and spirits and focus and channel our energy and awareness toward specific intentions and actions.

Whether thought to one's self or spoken aloud, mantras are micro-manifestos, personal and political mission statements that speak truth to power, make manifest our vision for a just and peaceful world, call to our ancestors and spirit guides for wisdom and support, and unite our voices in songs for freedom.

A simple yet powerful turn of phrase can almost effortlessly become an essential slogan for our struggle.

Learning about and practicing the yogic tradition of mantra and chanting helps us honor the sacred power of words and sound and consciously create ideas and energy we can use to dig up and compost the imbalanced internalized institutional narratives that grow like weeds in our minds.

Creating community spaces where we can speak and hear our vision through yoga mantra practice synchronizes our energy, leading to more cohesive, consistent and sustained collective thought and action among movement builders seeking to produce potent messages that can cleanse, change and charge hearts and minds.


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