© 2017 by Kendra Graves dba Earthseed Yoga.

roots and blossoms

Through yoga activism, we work together to grow our souls and enjoy the beauty of our community in full bloom. 


Our mobile studio shares yoga with businesses, groups and organizations across the city, gardens of wellness where we gather to reconnect with ourselves and each other by practicing yoga asana (poses), pranayama (conscious breathing) and meditation.

workshops & retreats

We dig deeper into topics, feelings, ideas and actions vital to our work to heal and transform ourselves and our communities. These learning and sharing opportunities combine yoga, storytelling, writing, reading, self reflection, and personal and collective visioning and planning.

private sessions

Practicing under the guidance of a certified instructor offers us the individualized attention we need to grow personally, professionally, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

yoga service projects

As our yoga practice increases our self awareness, it also heightens our awareness of the injustices that cripple our community, and the ways those injustices impact our lives both individually and collectively. We collaborate with community members, groups & organizations to plan and implement initiatives to create healthy, thriving, unified and sustainable communities rooted in truth, peace, health and liberation.

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