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words of wisdom

From the heart to the head to the hand, writing can help us discover words of wisdom buried deep within. As we allow our own words to enlighten us, we seed a new story, shift our personal narratives and grow our souls.​

J​oin us as we use yoga and writing ​as tools to unearth the roots of our suffering, understand our core values, and unlock our inner truth.

Yoga is a set of practices and principles that facilitates the union of mind, body and spirit. Uniting writing and yoga creates a unique opportunity to live the yogic principle of svadhyaya (contemplation/self study). Engaging in self reflection helps us ensure we are expressing our highest Selves as we navigate our lives and world.


  • Practice postures, breath work and meditation to enhance our emotional literacy, manage the flow of our energy and deepen our mind/body connection.

  • Read and discuss sacred literature to learn ​essential yogic principles that can inform and inspire our sadhana (spiritual path)

  • Compose ​writings, including ​affirmations/mantras, manifestos, poetry, essays, letters​ and journals ​to unleash our creativity, set our intentions and document life's most transformative experiences.



Week 1: Note to (Higher) Self

Discover how letter writing can help us confront our core fears and weed out difficult habits. Use strengthening postures to compost life's challenges  into a sense of stability, security and self-confidence that can fertilize our future.

Week 2: Train of Thought

Understand how mantras (sacred phrases and sounds) re-pattern our bodies and brains, allowing us to release depleted energy and increase our mental focus and clarity. Draft and voice your own declarations to affirm identities, intentions, health and wholeness.

Week 3: The Poetry of Presence

Restorative yoga invites us to deepen our awareness and explore our inner landscapes by listening to the body's story. Haibun and haiku poetry encourage us to open our hearts to reflect on the joys and pains of human nature.

Week 4: Innervisions

Our imaginations allow us to creatively visualize how we live our lives, honor our intentions and fulfill our purpose. Practice guided meditation to see, then shape, a manifesto to map your spiritual quest.

​Open to those new to yoga and writing as well as experienced practitioners of these healing arts. ​

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