seeds of salvation

The American Medical Association recognizes STRESS as the cause of more than 60% of human sickness.


Black, Indigenous and people of color experience some of the highest levels of stress among all social groups due to our racial, ethnic and gender identities, economic and educational status and the neighborhoods we live in.


Racism, poverty, employment/unemployment, incarceration, homelessness, hunger and violence cause stress that is scientifically proven to lead to illness and disease such diabetes, heart disease, obesity, asthma, cancer and depression.


Our projects and programs are an opportunity for people to learn how to positively cope with and manage the stress they experience. When body, mind and spirit unite, peace blossoms from within. It’s this sense of inner peace that can empower us to transcend individual and community-wide struggles.

a taste of freedom

Our outdoor classes help us to connect to nature. That connection is life-sustaining, and the resources we reap from the planet Earth — especially our food — nourish us mind, body and soul. And just like yoga, food brings people together: in every community and culture, breaking bread is an opportunity to empower ourselves and each other by partaking of the harvest of the world.

But while food can be one of our biggest forms of bliss, it can also be a serious source of physical and mental stress. Many people living in communities of color either do not understand how to eat for proper nutrition, or do not have the money or means to get fresh, healthy, local produce and food.

Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer — many of the diseases running rampant in communities of color have a root cause in how and what we eat. Through yoga, we can reconnect with our bodies and learn how to balance food and fitness to fuel our physical selves with the energy we need to have the mental prowess and spiritual power to reach the many destinations of our souls.

Community gardening and urban farming is an opportunity for poor communities to learn how to live off the land — to sow and reap the Earth’s bounty in order to produce the food our families and communities need to survive and thrive. We collaborate with markets, food co-ops, farms, gardens and green spaces to host experiences where people can bring balance to their diet and exercise to realize optimal health.

Yoga is a reflection of Mother Earth. When we reconnect to Nature, we are better able to heal ourselves of the habits, thoughts and behaviors that disconnect us from the sources of nourishment that heal and strengthen our whole selves.

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